T 運動場館 Venue - 臺北市政府體育局 - 場館設施管理系統 ( Department of Sports, Taipei City Government - Venue Booking System )

內湖區 Neihu
成美右岸河濱公園  壘球場
Chengmei Right Bank Riverside Park  /  Softball Field

長椅 Bench
圍網 Soft Ball Field Fence
告示牌 Billboard


壘球 softball
Next to Keelung River between Chengmei Bridge and Chenggong Bridge(Right Bank of Keelung River)
壘球 Softball
08:00 ~ 22:00
3 個 ( 面 ) Surface
7350 人 People
70mx70mx 3座
14700 平方公尺 m2


場地使用費 Venue fees

體育活動 - 不售票 Sports Activity - No ticket
日間 $270元 / 小時,夜間 $270元 / 小時
拍攝商業廣告_平面攝影 Commercial Filming / Photography - Plane
$270元 / 小時
拍攝商業廣告_非平面攝影 Commercial Filming / Photography - Nonplanar
$270元 / 小時
婚紗拍攝 Pre-wedding Photography / Portraits
$270元 / 小時
  • 各場地使用時段區分Open hours
  • 上午時段 ( 日間 ):08:00 ~ 12:00
  • 下午時段 ( 日間 ):13:00 ~ 17:00
  • 夜間時段 ( 夜間 ):18:00 ~ 22:00

聯絡方式Contact Info

場地管理人 Site manager
李小姐Ms. LI
租借聯絡人 Rental officer
丁小姐Ms. DING
租借聯絡電話 Rental Hotline
02-25702330 ext.6199
場地現況洽詢人員 Site status contact person
李小姐Miss Li
場地現況洽詢電話 Venue phone number
02-25702330 ext.6504




1. 531 to Zhengsheng Temple.
2. 531 to Tiancheng Enterprise.
3. 605 Express、675、1802、1803、BR10、Nanjing Main Line、R25 to Nanjing Jiuzong Rd. Intersection.
4. 63、204、207、BL7、BL7 Sub Line、BR1、GR16、Mingsheng Main Line、NH8 to Zhoumei Village 1.
5. 811、GR17、R33 to Nanjing Xining Rd. Intersection.
6. GR17、R25 to Yuquan Village.
7. 811、M9、R25、R33 to Tcuh Zhongxin Branch (Xining).
8. GR17、R33 to Yanping Temple.
9. GR17、R33 to Dadaocheng Dock.
10. 53、256、M10、R25 to Zhoumei Village.
11. 53、256、M10、R25 to Xinming Rd.
12. 531 to Chengmei Kindergarten.
13. 531 to Changshou Bridge.
14. 531 to Xing Shantang.

Songshan-Xindian Line (GR Line) to Songshan Station, exit 5.
Walk about 15-20 mins.

For details, please scroll down to the gallery.


Any flags, banners, posters, etc. relating to public officials are forbidden in the venue rented and visitations from political parties, candidates for public office or its supporters are prohibited either.

Applications for the use of open-air venues under the jurisdiction of the Bureau for gatherings, speeches, exhibitions, performances, or other special users should apply to the management authority for approval and no profit-making activities. However, after approval from the management authority, those who hold relevant promotion orders, public welfare, social education, leisure sports, folk festivals, agricultural special products, art and cultural performances, cultural and creative industries, or activities organized by various agencies of the government for the purpose of promoting municipal administration, etc., are not subject to the preceding regulation.
【 提醒 】 訂單須經本局核准才能使用場地。
Notice: Users should complete the reservation procedure at least 10 days before the use date.
可租借時段 ( Can be rented )
不可租借時段 ( Can not be rented )
Reminder: A reservation confirmation issued by the Department of Sports, Taipei City Government is needed before using the sports field.
成美右岸河濱公園  壘球場_1成美右岸河濱公園  壘球場_2成美右岸河濱公園  壘球場_3成美右岸河濱公園  壘球場_4成美右岸河濱公園  壘球場_5成美右岸河濱公園  壘球場_6成美右岸河濱公園  壘球場_7成美右岸河濱公園  壘球場_8成美右岸河濱公園  壘球場_9成美右岸河濱公園  壘球場_10成美右岸河濱公園  壘球場_11成美右岸河濱公園  壘球場_12
Next to Keelung River between Chengmei Bridge and Chenggong Bridge(Right Bank of Keelung River)
::: 臺北市政府體育局
Department of Sports, Taipei City Government
Venue Booking System
地址:10553 臺北市松山區南京東路4段10號
服務時間:週一至週五 上午8:30至下午5:30,例假日及國定假日休息
場館租借服務專線:( 02 ) 2570 - 2330 分機 6651、6548、6199、6546
網站系統服務專線:( 02 ) 2965 - 0060
或撥臺北市民當家熱線:1999 ( 外縣市請撥 02-27208889 )
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