T 運動場館 Venue - 臺北市政府體育局 - 場館設施管理系統 ( Department of Sports, Taipei City Government - Venue Booking System )

南港區 Nangang
臺北市極限運動訓練中心  頂棚區 A
Taipei Extreme Sports Training Center  /  Ceiling Area A

觀眾席 Auditorium
頂棚區 (風雨球場) Ceiling Area
固定式遊具 Playground with Loose Parts
無障礙設施 Accessibility facilities
1 wheelchair ramp


Apart from photography (plane and nonplanar), this venue is only for extreme sports and training.
No.382, Sec. 7, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan
極限運動 X-Sports
08:00 ~ 22:00
1 個 ( 面 ) Surface
572 人 People
1144 平方公尺 m2


場地使用費 Venue fees

體育活動 - 不售票 Sports Activity - No ticket
日間 $500元 / 小時,夜間 $500元 / 小時
拍攝商業廣告_平面攝影 Commercial Filming / Photography - Plane
$10,000元 / 時段
拍攝商業廣告_非平面攝影 Commercial Filming / Photography - Nonplanar
$50,000元 / 時段
婚紗拍攝 Pre-wedding Photography / Portraits
$1,000元 / 時段
  • 各場地使用時段區分Open hours
  • 上午時段 ( 日間 ):08:00 ~ 12:00
  • 下午時段 ( 日間 ):13:00 ~ 17:00
  • 夜間時段 ( 夜間 ):18:00 ~ 22:00

廣告看板 Billboards

體育活動 - 不售票 Sports Activity - No ticket
$10,000元 / 場次
拍攝商業 Commercial Filming / Photography
$10,000元 / 場次
拍攝婚紗照 Pre-wedding Photography / Portraits
$10,000元 / 場次

承租攤位 Rent stalls

$2,500元 / 每日每攤位

夜間照明設備 Night lighting equipment

$500元 / 每座每小時
夏季 ( 6/1~9/30 ) $500元 / 每座每小時
最大承租數 Maximum number of booths

聯絡方式Contact Info

場地管理人 Site manager
周先生Mr. CHOU
租借聯絡人 Rental officer
陳小姐Ms. Karina
租借聯絡電話 Rental Hotline
02-25702330 ext.6546
場地現況洽詢人員 Site status contact person
方先生Mr. Fang、謝先生Mr. Hsieh
場地現況洽詢電話 Venue phone number



203、205、212 Via Nangang Rd.、276、281、306、306 Shuttle、551、551 Extend Jinlong Temple、600、605、605 Sub Line、605 Xintaiwu、629、668、678、711、BL15、BL23、Minquan Main Line、S1 Shuttle、S1 Shuttle Via Kangning Junior College of Medical Care Management、S5、S5 Shuttle、Tiaowa Bus to Nangang Dist. Admin. Center.

Nangang Train Station.

Taiwan High Speed Rail:
Nangang Train Station.

Bannan Line (BL Line) to Nangang Station, exit 1 or2.


會員有 「售票活動」、「非體育活動」、「職業活動」、「拍攝商業廣告」、「婚紗拍攝」 等使用需求請至「臺北市極限運動訓練中心 頂棚區 攝影」進行預定。

Any flags, banners, posters, etc. relating to public officials are forbidden in the venue rented and visitations from political parties, candidates for public office or its supporters are prohibited either.

安全警語Safety warning

1. 請使用者考量自身身體狀況,如有可能造成意外或傷害,建議不要使用此場地。
2. 私人物品自行保管;物品遺失本局恕不負責。
3. 請勿吸菸、吐痰或檳榔汁、丟棄垃圾或煙蒂、燃放鞭炮、酗酒、鬥毆、夜宿及任何妨礙公共安全秩序、違反公序良俗或妨害風化之行為。
4. 依據兒童及少年福利與權益保障法第51條規定,6歲以下兒童需由父母、監護人或其他實際照顧兒童之人陪同,禁止兒童於場內做危險活動。
5. 運動前應先做暖身運動,並遵照器材使用說明操作,禁止做出任何高危險性及超出體能負荷之動作。
6. 使用本場地進行活動時應遵守安全規定,管理人員得隨時制止使用者具有安全顧慮之行為,如不聽制止,本局得強制使用者離開場地。
7. 未經許可禁止張貼海報、旗幟、標語等。
8. 敬請共同維護環境清潔暨愛惜各項設施,如蓄意破壞(如使用明火及其他危險物品),一經查獲,依法究辦,並照價賠償。
9. 本須知如有未盡事宜得隨時修正之及依本府所屬各機關場地使用管理辦法辦理。
1. Please consider your own physical condition. If accidents or injuries are possible, it is recommended not to use this venue.
2. Keep personal belongings by yourself; the Bureau will not be responsible for the lost articles.
3. Do not smoke, spit or spit betel nut juice, throw away garbage or cigarette butts, set off firecrackers, drink alcohol excessively, fight, stay overnight and perform any behavior that endangers public safety and violates public order or indecent behavior.
4. Pursuant to Article 51, The Protection of Children and Youth Welfare and Rights Act, children under age of 6 must be accompanied by their parents, guardians or other persons who actually take care of children. Children are prohibited from doing dangerous activities in the venue.
5. Do warm-up exercises beforehand and follow the instructions for use of the equipment. Do not perform any high-risk and excessive physical load actions.
6. The safety regulations should be followed when using this venue for events. The site manager can stop users from doing any behavior with safety concern. If the persuasion fails, the Bureau may force user to leave the venue.
7. it is prohibited to post posters, flags, slogans, etc.
8. Please work together to maintain a clean environment and cherish facilities. If sabotage any facility, one will be investigated in accordance with the law and compensation will be charged once such behavior has been found.
9. For other unexplained matters in this notice, it can be amended at any time and handled in accordance with Administrative Regulations for the Use of Venues by Various Organs of Taipei City Government.
【 提醒 】 訂單須經本局核准才能使用場地。
Notice: Users should complete the reservation procedure at least 10 days before the use date.
可租借時段 ( Can be rented )
不可租借時段 ( Can not be rented )
Reminder: A reservation confirmation issued by the Department of Sports, Taipei City Government is needed before using the sports field.
臺北市極限運動訓練中心  頂棚區 A_1臺北市極限運動訓練中心  頂棚區 A_2
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Department of Sports, Taipei City Government
Venue Booking System
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服務時間:週一至週五 上午8:30至下午5:30,例假日及國定假日休息
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